Thursday, August 9, 2007

If only I had known this at the beginning of last week!

So despite my absolute HATING of Jeff's job these last two weeks, today, right at this very moment, I ADORE IT. One of the benefits of the bank is that they give us 20-days of back-up (emergency) care at a 4-Star childcare facility downtown for the low, low cost of $15 per child per day. It's a complete steal considering I pay my babysitter $10/hr. And Carter and Griffin absolutely love it there, so it works out wonderfully. But I have to carefully ration my days since bringing 2-children counts for 2-days. I can bring one of them 20 times, or both of them 10 times a year...I say as though that needed further explanation. Anyway, I sent them today because we had an all day mandatory audit/compliance meeting at work and I knew there was no way I could contain them if I was on a 3-hour conference call. But I've lost so many work hours lately with them being out of preschool, vacationing, and Jeff being gone that I really need to send them tomorrow as well. So I just called down there only to find that they have changed the plan "slightly" and now they are giving EACH KID 20-DAYS PER YEAR!!! Carter has 13 left and Griffin has 10. I thought I had 3 left between them which is pretty worrisome this being only the beginning of August. I kid you not, I just stood on a chair right here in my kitchen and sang the Halleujah Chorus at the very top of my lungs. It is truly a John 2 kind of miracle - a gift for all people really. I am full to overflowing with glee. Wachovia, I take back all the horrible things I have said and thought about you lately. If you bring the whole corporation to my house I will kiss the lot of you.

Hey Love, if you are reading this from Istanbul, since we have so many days left, we should put them all in there one day later this year when Peyton is no longer dining at Mom's and go white water rafting or something!

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  1. The Hallelujah Chorus seems a fitting response to such a relief-giving policy! How wonderful for all of you!