Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Belated Birthday - Part 1

I think blog posting should work kind of like a 21-day billing cycle. As in when something noteworthy happens, you have a 21 days of grace to post about it. In this case, Griffin turned 3 back on September 29th, so I believe I am just barely within the grace period here. And since I'm working with such a tight deadline - also because I'm trying to cook dinner simultaneously - you will all please pardon the lack of creativity and humor.

Exceptional child that he is, Griffin enjoyed a rather extended birthday extravaganza this year. On the Thursday prior to his birthday, we took cupcakes and balloons to his preschool class and had a little party. One in which we were not responsible for the clean-up. I believe this is explanation enough as to why we are so happy to bring the festivities there year after year.

The theme was Spiderman. It is mere coincidence that he is sitting next to a pink bag with three Disney chicks on it. Just thought I should clarify that. Jeff and I have pledged to stick with theme parties inspired by their given gender until our kids turn at least 12. After that, if the boys would like to dress up like ballerinas and have a princess party, so be it.

Our big plan on Griffin's actual birthday (Saturday) was to open some gifts and then go to Chuck E. Cheese, followed by a trip to the NASCAR Speedpark for putt-putt golf. But during the gift opening ceremony, my really, really old digital camera failed to perform...

causing me to throw a fit of rage. It's had some on-going issues for over a year now so I'm at the end of my proverbial rope. See how it is incapable of focusing if any part of the object is moving? Here, I'll give you another example. This is Griffin playing with Moon Sand. Note what portion of the picture is completely out of focus.

Every picture is like that. In my world, there is no such thing as a picture of a child in which the child isn't moving. This camera was great when my kids slept all day, but now it only works for still life photography. Or turtles munching on cantaloupe. Which could be considered still life.

It was fortuitous that I did not realize the camera was not working until we were trying to get out the door to Chuck E. Cheese or my tantrum might have put a bit of a damper on several precious gift giving moments (all of which I have very fuzzy pictures of). Instead it prompted a last ditch effort trip to the camera store for a new rechargable battery which put us a little behind. Speaking of rechargable batteries, is it entirely unreasonable to think that they should come charged like regular batteries? Fortunately, my quick thinking husband packed the charger, but when we got to Chuck's, we couldn't find an outlet. Anywhere. Look around next time you go. There is clearly an abundance of electricty flowing through the place, but nary an outlet to be found. Alas, I have no pictures of Griffin's party at Chuck's either. You'll just have to believe me that he had a fine time. So fine, in fact, that we didn't get out of there until 2:30pm and then he napped until 5:00pm. Effectively killing the minature golf outing.
Over the course of the next week or so Griffin...
made roads out of Moon Sand with Carter,

watched Peyton learn to navigate the play area at Northlake Mall,

and showed his support for Calvin College where Aunt Emily coaches.

We finally made it to play minature golf last weekend, but Blogger is having some problems at the moment and won't let me import any pictures of the event, so I will leave you all here in suspense for a few hours. Or days. Depending on when I can steal another few moments to continue this chronicle.

(Any Blogger users out there thinking about moving to Word Press or am I alone in my frustration here?)

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