Thursday, May 29, 2008

Suffice It To Say, Our Memorial Day Weekend Was Not Restful

I believe an update on the playset is in order, but first I'd like to take a minute to correct a small but significant typo on the front page of the installation manual.

Right. Try 36-48 hours.

Actually, maybe it isn't a typo at all. Maybe I and another lesser mechanicanically inclined loser could have gotten the thing put up in 20-24 hours. But what we're dealing with here at Chez Freshour is two highly skilled people who have elevated the simple act of measuring to an art form, and think levelness is next to Godliness. They're hard to argue with.

Efficiently assisting them are two little boys who can't resist the call of the power tools or the thousands of screws, washers, bolts, and nuts required for assembly.

This is Griffin demonstrating his expertise with a socket wrench he successfully lifted from the toolbox. In this particular picture, he is diligently trying to unscrew a bolt holding the ladder together.

The part about requiring two people, however, is correct as noted. This is why.

Eventually, the roof has to go on the upstairs cabin. Here you can see Jeff perched 8-feet up in the air precariously balanced on the window ledge. Looks a little dangerous, no?

What you don't see is his Dad on the inside of the cabin belaying holding Jeff to the side of the playset by his climbing harness and ropes the pocket of his khakis. Uh Larry, it's not that I don't trust the tensile strength of the common khaki, but how about at least using TWO hands to hold my babies' Daddy in place?

Thanks. That makes me feel a LOT better.

Only the tunnel, three swings, a lookout post, and a climbing wall to go. That shouldn't take long, right?


  1. Whoo hooo looks like fun.

    The construction crew is a close replica of how we work on projects here. The only difference is that I take the place of Larry and Lenny, well, he won't let me hold on to his khakis. Too safe for him.

  2. Hey, its really coming along! glad to see the progress...=)

  3. Three cheers for the highly skilled craftsmen! Looks like things are progressing nicely. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. We arrived too early! Wish we could be there to play!

  5. Yes, we too are finding that Home Depot is great at either under-estimating time required or greatly over-estimating what they call "skill".

    And where in those instructions does it list time it'll take those two boys to DE-construct?!