Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Believe an Update on the Playset is in Order

As you can see, the finished playset is small and inconspicuous. Also, that it does not take up the entire back yard. Much.

Best of all, it makes any future landscaping efforts completely pointless since anything I am tempted to plant is bound to go entirely unnoticed.

Case in point. See the Norwegian Spruce between the ladder and the bottom of the slide? You didn't even notice it until I pointed it out, did you?

That is our Christmas tree from last year and they said a live tree would not survive the transplant shock if I tried to plant it outdoors after the holidays were over. But you see I have proven them wrong. Experts Schmexperts, she says gleefully.

Speaking of Christmas 2007, we had to put our tree in our entry way (an area we can barricade off) so that Peyton wouldn't discover and consequently destroy any of our 14 ornaments.

Like this one. It was originally a Valentine's Day gift from my friend, Jacob, that he gave me back when I was single. I have since repurposed it into a Christmas ornament so as not to make my husband jealous. Which brings me to say, does Jacob not have the nicest penmanship in the world? For a guy, that is?

What we were talking about again? Oh yes. My feeble attempts to landscape my backyard.

I mean, the playset.

The kids like it.

Some of them more than others.

Peyton has even conquered her fear of the mighty and unpredictable swing.


  1. the playset looks GOOD! Do you have the whole neighborhood coming in to play now?

  2. I want to play too. I will bring juice boxes for the kids and Peach Mojitos for the adults.

    Love the ornament too!

  3. Well done, Jeff and Jeff's dad!

    Speaking of Jeff--Peyton is Jeff as a girl with red hair!

    Yeah, guys with that good of penmanship are one of the things I find creepy. No man should write that neatly.