Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Little Less of Me: Find Your Motivation

In an effort to compete with every women's magazine published in January, I hereby bring you A Little Less of Me Tip #2: Find Your Motivation.

Late last year, far later than she should have started pondering her involvement, someone in my high school graduating class of 1989 decided she would attempt to plan a 20-year class reunion. The impending event is scheduled to take place in July of this year which gives me a whopping 6 months to turn my saggy, lumpy, average mom body back into this world class athlete of yesteryear.

Y'all let me know if you want to see my letter sometime. I'm pretty sure my excellence in high school sports is why I was institutionalized accepted into college.

Worse, the idiot party planner decided it would be just brilliant if she scheduled the event to take place in the dead of, of all possible locations in the 48 contiguous United States, the beach. Presuming the terror of having to face all of one's old classmates in a bathing suit for an entire weekend is not enough to make you put down the nutella already, it's wise to employ some sort of backup motivation.

I have this. Suffice it to say, avoiding the natural state at Chez Freshour is no longer an option.


  1. I hear ya loud and clear!! I am very excited about the reunion BUT too have not done well on the losing wieght part. Then in a crazy moment I am even thinking of getting pregnant again which would be even more wonderful to be at the beach in July in that condition!!!! OH me!!!!! I thought you looked awesome when I saw you last!!

    BTW, I simply love, adore and yes covet your shower!!!!

  2. Nope. Couldn't do the see thru shower. Not for my own nekidness, but for the fact that while the shower is occupied, someone else always has to come in an go potty. And I'm just not into watching someone else pee. But aren't you thrilled to be able to take a shower and not have to navigate around bath toys?!