Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Images

Beef was grilled, sparkers lit.

Griffin in patriotic attire...patriotic attire with distinctly Asian overtones. (To the right of Griffin, you'll notice the hand of a child stealithly trying to filch the lighter. I'll let you all take a guess as to which child that is.)

An overexposed picture of the successful thief. I had to crop it kind of tight because while Griffin was paying homage to the Japanese, Carter was rocking the Union Jack. (Just kidding, Dori.)

Pyromania 101.

Great balls of fire!

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  1. Are you making fun of me, Riz?

    Truth? I think an international representation is excellent! And we did not do one single "American" thing yesterday...other than drink a Yuengling and watch "Batman Begins" after all short ones were sound asleep. Though I found myself explaining to the taller of the two exactly why it was that he was not allowed around fireworks...because you'll set yourself and your surroundings on fire and you will die...and I would cry...a lot. I thought that covered it well.

    And I *heart* the little feet under your planters--where did you find those? I know, kids holding fire and looking adorable and I notice the plants.