Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day 2007

For those of you who have been wondering how Jeff's new face looks AND what Peyton looks like in a bikini...wonder no longer. You'll notice I am not posting a picture of myself in a bikini. You may all thank me later.

Sure we did a lot of other things for Father's Day besides go to the waterpark, but this was easily the most fun. We're actually going to try celebrating Father's Day again next Sunday to see if we improve on the day as a whole, because other than the trip to the waterpark, the rest of the day pretty much sucked. I can use that word, right? Wait. Why am I asking all of you? This is my blog. But we're all wet and happy here, so try to think of us this way always.


  1. Great pictures! Water seems to run a close race with Dirt for having fun.

  2. Great pictures! Wish we had a waterpark like that, it looks like a blast!!!

  3. Why did the rest of the day suck? We need a phone conversation!