Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Veggie Tales - Part 2

I thought you would all enjoy seeing 6-week pictures of our little garden in action. Carter's corn occasionally gets beaten down by the rain, but seems to recover by the next day. The tomatoes are over 6-feet high and even our watermelon-on-a-stick (right there in the front) is thriving. Not sure what to do when it starts actually producing baby watermelons, but I'll figure something out. Maybe make a hammock for each one out of panty hose. Oh sorry, is the image too much for you there?

The sunflowers didn't make it. I had them growing behind the corn and tomatoes and I think they just got too much shade. Same problem with the sage. Our mutant tomatoes just shaded them out.
The boys aren't nearly as enamored by the whole farming concept as I am. Right after I took this picture, Griffin started stomping on the green bean plants at his feet. He was mad because he wanted to pull on the strings the beans are growing on instead of just holding onto the bamboo pole. (For the love of Pete, can you not just hold onto the pole for 10 seconds while I yell at you both to look at me and smile? Act like you are enjoying our garden.) Hopefully, the produce will eventually speak for itself...if I can save any of it from them, that is. If not, they are both destined for a life of squash. Punish them with meal after meal of slimy, revolting vegetables, yes indeed, that is my plan.

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  1. Reading about the boys' gardening exploits is great entertainment!