Wednesday, July 16, 2008


And on the 5th day of their 252nd week of homeownership, she finally got around to painting their bedroom...

and using the garden tub she just had to have when they bought the house nearly 5-years ago.

Because when she initially toured the house with their realtor, she could well envision the tub filled with jasmine scented bubbles and surrounded by softly flickering candles. She also envisioned herself weighing in at an alluring 120 lbs. which she hasn't weighed since she was 13-years old.

Reality. It often bites.

Let's get back to the paint, shall we? I wonder what color she is trying not to splatter onto their useless garden tub?

Why it's a lovely shade of blue. She likes blue. She likes blue a lot.

She likes blue so much that she painted their very first love nest in DC a similar shade. And, sadly, until she dredged up this picture tonight, was even thinking of going with another blue and white duvet cover to complement her new blue walls. Something in a fetching toile.

Because despite her longing to be a whimsical, spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of girl, she is really just a predictable creature of habit who is lost in some sort of blue decorating vacuum. It is clear she could use some professional help.


  1. But the second one is so much prettier than the first!! And it just emanates whimsiness or whimsicality or whatever.....

  2. I think the important thing here is the fact that you bought the "Super Paint"...that should paint the room itself! And, yes, the second selection is in a much different class than the first! Not at all similar!

  3. Yeah, about that Super Paint. I was originally drawn in by the washability of Sherwin-Williams Duration Home line...until I realized it required 2-3 coats. Who has the time to paint 2-3 coats of anything?

  4. Wait until you see the Pottery Barn Orange I impulsively purchased for my new love nest. You'll be inspired. We can have matching love nests across the country.

  5. Hey I thought you were a green kind of person. That is what I remember. Blue? Wow that completely threw me off.

  6. Ah yes, see, that is the irony. I AM a green person, but I already have a green dining room, and a green living room, and Peyton's room is green. So at some point you have to give the other primary colors equal opportunity. Blue is my next favorite and but after painting my bedroom blue they are currently tied for excessive use in one house.