Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Bustrums are Getting an Upgrade

There should come a time in every girl's life that she should get to wear a pair of shoes that look like this.

With a flirty little dress that looks like this.

And in my case, I have my one and only sister to thank for the opportunity.

Also this guy, who agreed to marry her.

Well, technically speaking, she agreed to marry him.

And it's all going down in an undisclosed location in Pasadena, CA in less than 2 weeks!

To say we are excited here at Chez Freshour would be putting it mildly.


  1. You will, of course, be posting pictures of this glamorous event? ;-)

  2. Oh naturally. I had considered live blogging the event, but wondered if lugging my laptop to a reception might appear to be a bit uncouth.

  3. On your new profile pic...who did you sell your soul to in order to get every single member of your family to look at the SAME camera AND smile?! It's a great picture!!