Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Last Wednesday night, Jeff had to go to band practice which meant I was responsible for putting all four kids to bed (shudder). I was brushing Griffin's teeth when I came across this.

Anyone see something strange growing in there? Yeah, me too. So as not to embarrass him or draw attention to THE EXTRA ROW OF TOOTH in his mouth, I immediately sat him down and took nine rapid fire pictures of the oddity. And then I made a mental note to ask Jeff how long Griffin has had the spare and why it hasn't come up in conversation before now.

I was driving the kids to school the next morning when I realized I had forgotten to ask Jeff about it. So I called him on the cell and tried not to use words like weird, freaky, or Ripley's candidate to describe it. Ever notice when you are trying to have a conversation about one of your children, that this will be the one moment of the day they will stop whatever they are doing and really listen to you? Suffice it to say, despite my effort to be discreet, Griffin quickly figured out that I was talking about him, and started telling Carter about his twin tooth in the back of the car. Apparently, he has known about it all along and has conversations with the other Kindergarteners at school about it on a daily basis. Evidently, one of his friends, whom we'll call, K_ _ t_n, to protect his privacy, told Griffin that his brother, N_th_n, who is in 2nd grade, had a twin tooth too!

As you can imagine, I felt much better after overhearing the news that there was another child in the world with a twin tooth, and resolved to hunt down said child's m_m at pick-up on Friday to inquire about it. Well, K_ _ t_n's m_m knew right away what I was talking about when I mentioned the words, twin tooth, but in reality N_th_n had never had one. Their Better- Dentist-Than-Ours had noticed when looking at N_th_n's x-rays, that N_th_n had the potential to have a twin tooth, and had pulled some teeth to avoid the dreaded twin tooth scenario. Meanwhile, back at Chez Freshour, our twin tooth is reaching for the stars!

In other oral news, please observe the normal. Considering her predecessors, we have little faith it will last.

I hope you can appreciate what it took for me to get this shot.

It was basically a lot of this.


  1. Griffin is indeed in good company as Big R had shark mouth syndrome as well and I too freaked out at first but read online that it is very normal.You would never know now since both teeth moved right into place. Nice to see you blogging again by the way!

  2. me some Freshours! Freaky twin teeth and all! :)

  3. CG: We have a dental appointment next week. Did your dentist pull Rocco's front teeth, or did they just let nature take its course?

  4. no, they managed to come out on their own, we waited patiently and kept encouraging R to wiggle them and eventually it happened.