Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Few Things I Learned Today

  1. Strep throat is far more painful than that wuss bronchitis.
  2. It is also something they can diagnose and treat at the CVS Minute Clinic vs. a lifetime spent in the waiting room of your internist. I'm actually considering switching my primary care physican to Nurse L'Anita, because I value efficiency over education when it comes to medical care and Nurse L'Anita does not waste her breath.

  3. If Nurse L'Anita asks if you want a prescription for Lidocaine there are a few things you might want to be aware of.
  • Despite her description of the fresh minty mouthwash, the Lidocaine of which she speaks has the consistency and taste of Elmers glue.
  • If, based upon her strong recommendation, you are desperate enough to try to gargle with it anyway, it will make your entire mouth numb for hours.
  • With numb lips, no basset hound in the country will have anything on you. Except that they will know they are drooling. You won't.


  1. um...ewww! When I asked if you did anything special for yourself with all short ones at school--this isn't quite what I meant! So, feel better--just stay in NC. :D

  2. i was going to express sympathy for your poor soor throat and then got blown away by your new look!! Looks good!! and yes.. I am sympathetic. But am also reminded of my sister in law who spent her ENTIRE PREGNANCY drooling. She walked around with a tea towel draped over her shoulder... feel any better now?!?

  3. oooooooo.....sorry Melanie!!! I have had a few REALLY bad sore throats recently and thought for sure it was strep but always not. Hope you feel better!!! I think Evan has you beat with the drool, he is teething and it is everywhere!!!

  4. Between the huge red throat and the brightly colored 3-D leaves, I actually just rocketed backwards across the kitchen floor in my desk chair when I pulled up your blog. It was sort of fun but good thing I had already finished eating. I hope the pain and drool subside quickly.

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