Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wildlife in a Park-Like Setting

The LA Zoo and Botanical Gardens bill themselves as wildlife in a park-like setting.

Where park-like equals alligators slipping silently into backyard pools.

Sweet Mother of Pearl, I find this image disturbing.

Somewhat curious is this picture of orange Flamingos.

Just so everyone knows, flamingos frolicking on the shores of Lake Nakuru (where the Tennessee orange flamingos had to have been snatched from) look like this. I feel confident in saying that the LA Zoo flamingos could use some algae in their diet.

These last two pictures are not LA Zoo pictures but they should be. Joy and I came across this strange vehicle while traveling on the 605 on the way to her first shower. It appears to be a three-wheeler of some sort.

But upon further inspection, we find that it is actually a converted motorcycle towing a milk crate with a circa 1970's lawn chair in the back.

It makes you want to make a citizen's arrest, doesn't it?

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  1. either that, or get in the back and drive right along!