Saturday, August 30, 2008

To Bathe or Not to Bathe? That is the Question.

Let's see what's been happening at Chez Freshour since we got back from vacation shall we?

Hey, here's our now tidewater blue master bedroom.

Lest any of you think I'm an overachiever, which would be impossible if you have read this blog for any length of time, you'll note the ongoing absence of window treatments. But not to worry because now we have a really big mirror in front of the window which will surely buy me some time since no one in the world wants to come and take if off our our hands.

Case in point. The last bathroom mirror we took down came from the kids' bathroom - see it over there on the left?

This is what the bathroom looks like now (below). I realize the color scheme is not for the faint of heart. But I adore it. There are surfboards on the shower curtain that remind me of (sniff, sniff) California.

Habitat for Humanity was delighted to take the old cabinets and vanity when we remodeled, but the mirror? Not so much. This spring, my brother, Kevin, and I finally ended up smashing it up into a million tiny pieces and trashing it. But come now. There must be a better idea for disposing of these things. Suggestions, anyone? Please try to keep in mind that I am not crafty.

Anyhoo. Back to this second window mistreatment mirror...

This is what our master bathroom looked like when we moved in. For the last 5-years not much has changed. It has, however, been messier. Much messier.

Now, however, it looks like this...

and this (One of us still thinks it's a swell idea to try to use the shower. Hint: it's not me.)...
and this as well.

Conveniently bringing me to the issue of this ridiculous garden tub. I'd like to rip it out and put in a massive mac-Daddy shower for (ahem) two. You know, a fixture that would actually get some air time rather than just wasting space. Then I could rip out the old shower and put in some functional cabinetry, because despite the fact that we have an enormous master bathroom, we have literally no storage to speak of. We actually store all of our bath towels in the hall closet across from the kids' bathroom. Which, as you can well imagine, is REALLY convenient if you happen to forget to retrieve one before you get into the shower. I'm not saying that's ever happened 100's of times because I always plan ahead. But still. At some point, should not practicality weigh out?

Keeping in mind that blogging is supposed to be interactive, and in honor of the fact that the presidential election is right around the corner, I thought this would be a great opportunity to take a survey on our remodel and give you all some voting practice at the same time. You will find it in the sidebar to your right. Please note that I have taken no liberties in assuming which direction you will side. Just like I have no idea how you will vote in the fall. I do, however, assume a direct correlation between the two polls might be made. I will keep the survey open through Wednesday, September 3rd 10:00pm EST when we have to make a final decision on the matter. And remember, your vote counts. Sort of. For now, I'm off to peruse tile.


  1. HA!! And here I thought we were all alone in our craziness for ripping out our bathroom. And, yes, we have been using it the whole entire time throughout destruction and construction! Except when the toilet was sitting in the bathtub, and then in the backyard. Not saying the boys in this house didn't use the backyard as a bathroom, just didn't use the actual toilet.

    Love what you did with the other bathroom. Love the color! Happy tile hunting!

  2. I think on tub removal you must ask yourself: are you absolutely done having babies? Because hot baths are what make pregnancy bearable.

    And I love the eyeball-searing blue. Very cheerful.

  3. Love the blue bedroom! Not so crazy about the mirrored window. If worse comes to worse, Kevin might be persuaded (a free airline ticket would help here) to come back down and find that hammar.

    I voted for the shower and I've been getting AARP information for several years. Just so you know...that even if you're over oh, say, 55, you might still like to shower with a friend.

  4. Now I love a bath, but have no clue what the AARP is...... so can I vote for the bath anyway?
    Our one teeny tiny bathroom can only harbor a shower. Small country, small houses, small bathrooms...