Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Roast By Any Other Name

I interrupt my mind numbing California adventure posting to bring you a pictoral tour of the first half of Jeff's life. I would have covered the second half as well, but two things kind of crippled me. One, I'm packing for a trip to our mountain house and we're going to need to eat while we are there. Two, I just learned to use my new scanner today and am not that proficient at it. It probably would have helped if I had at least once attempted to read the directions, but I was under a lot of pressure and thought I'd just wing it.

Without further ado.

Here is little Jeffrey McLean at around 6-months. Cute, yes? It gets better.

At 18-months. Peyton, is that you?

Kindergarten calls. It's also calling Jeff's oldest son, Carter, and Carter's mother has had one heck of a day thinking about watching her firstborn get on the bus for the very first time next week. Thusly, the Kindergartener you see above had to put up with with a rather large truckload of emotional crap today that Carter's mother couldn't quite explain.

Is it just me or does the 1st grader above look nothing like the Kindergartener - excepting the glasses, of course. Those are rather difficult to get around. Anyway, it's like his whole face changed between Kindergarten and 1st grade.

This picture was taken in the early 80's, that we know for sure. So I'm guessing 5th or 6th grade?

Hey Moms, you know what would be a good idea? If you forsook the reading of this lame post to go write the ages of your kids on the back of ALL of their pictures. Their wives will thank you later. But probably not their husbands. Unless, of course, your daughter happens to marry someone with a blog who shamelessly takes complete advantage of her matchless sense of humor and goodnaturedness.

For reasons I am quite sure I do not need to elaborate on, this is bar none my absolute favorite picture of my husband. I met him in 11th grade and he looked EXACTLY like this.

This is Jeff at Prom Banquet with someone who looks like she could get up and dance the Flamenco at any moment in that dress. It's curious as to why her date wore red, is it not? Perhaps he remembered from his 1st grade picture that he looks great in red. Or maybe he is trying to complete the Spanish theme with a matador flare?

Finally, I give you Jeff's crowning high school moment in which he gets both the diploma and the girl.

Happy 37th Birthday tomorrow, my Love.


  1. Oh my, what a trip down memory lane you've given us, Melanie. What a wonderful way to say Happy Birthday!

    Much love,

    Larry & Carolyn

  2. OH WOW!!! What memories for me too!!! I've known Jeff for many years starting I believe in the 7th grade. Melanie, I have a banquet picture of me and Jeff going together to the 9th grade banquet, I will have to go dig it out now!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!!!


  3. Happy Birthday, Jeff!

    I have pictures too you know. Somewhere. Revenge may have to wait until my children give me time to crawl around digging into boxes. I believe I even have video.

  4. Oh, and the red? That's because technically we weren't speaking to each other so I couldn't tell him what color my dress was. I made that dress, by-the-way, so back off! :D